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Slovakia: 6th meeting

Report from 6th project meeting in Elnesvågen 5th to 11th of April 2016 with 2 teachers and 6 students from Levice, Slovakia. Participants from Slovakia: Name and surname Date of birth Juraj Kandráč 03/04/2000 Martin Kollár 2.11.1999 Dávid Neuschl 27.5.1999 Richard Kovácsik 17.9.1999 Simona Hengeričová 20.6.1999 Patrícia Šabíková 10.3.1998 Teachers: Ing. Mgr. Viera Karvašová Ing. […]


Slovakia: 5th meeting

SLOVAKIA – 4.-10. FEBRUARY Thursday 04.02 This was our arrival day. We started traveling early in the morning. Our first flight went from Molde to Oslo, and our second and last flight went from Oslo to Budapest. When we were going to start our trip to Levice in Slovakia, we was very lucky with the […]


Slovakia: 4th meeting

PaRTICIPANTS FROM NORWAY Lillian Harstad (teacher, nature science, female) Ariel Jonasoff (teacher, tourism, male) Benedicte Åndal (student, 3.class, tourism, female) Rikke Hjellnes (student, 3.class, tourism, female) Emilie Rødal (student, 3.class, tourism, female) Oscar Litwiniak (student, 1.class, mechanics, male) Ole Mathias Risvik (student, 1.class, mechanics, male) Rebecca Vasseng (student, 1.class, mechanics, female) PROGRAM   Saturday, 12th […]


Slovakia: 3rd meeting

The 20th. – 26th. Of November 2015 2 teachers and 6 students comeback to Elnesvågen and our school for the 3rd meeting in our common project. The teachers and student stayed at a hotel in Molde, since there are no hotell nearby the school. We picked up the students and teachers every day for the […]

A short sightseeing in Budapest at the arrival

Slovakia: 2nd meeting

The 21st  – 25th  of October 2015, four teachers and a school leader from Fræna videregående skole, Elnesvågen travelled to Levice,  Slovakia for the 2nd project meeting. The program in Levice also consisted of a variety of elements.  From meeting with the Mayor, Jobs and Information Fair in the Sport Hall in Levice,   excursions around the […]


Slovakia: Project Description & 1st meeting

PROJECT NAME Innovations in Education Through the Development of Key Competences No  SK06-V-01-002 THE MEETING The 25th  – 29th  of September 2015 we realized the first project meeting here in Norway. Five teachers from SOS, Pod amfiteátrom 7, Levice,  Slovakia took part in this meeting at our school Fræna videregående skole in Elnesvågen, Norway within […]