Slovakia: 3rd meeting

The 20th. – 26th. Of November 2015 2 teachers and 6 students comeback to Elnesvågen and our school for the 3rd meeting in our common project.

The teachers and student stayed at a hotel in Molde, since there are no hotell nearby the school. We picked up the students and teachers every day for the activities decided. Arrival was on a  Friday, and we har no program for that day.

On Saturday after having time on their own in the morning, to see some of Molde centre and have lunch, we had  an excursion, passing a touristsenter Skaret, where the we all had some fun with the snow, before we went to Derinngarden, a farm where they also make their own cheese for sale. We were told how the cheese are produced and we also had tasted their different cheeses.  After the visit at Derinngarden we had to see the famous Atlantic Road. Some of the students recognized the Malin bridge from some commercial.  In the evening we were all inviter to Lillians house for delicious dinner.

On Sunday we took off for Ålesund, where we had a short sightseeing and lunch in one of the nice buildings  in jugendstyle which are so common in this city. On the way back to Molde we took the coastal steamer Hurtigruten.

On Monday we had full day at the Museum forklore of Romsdal. There were activities such as backing of typical Norwegian flatbread and «askak» and we were also in some of the old buildings, showing how people lived in earlier times, some of the buildings dating back to the viking era. We also learnt to sow some stiches from the norwegian national costume.

These three days consisted mainly of activities relatert to the natural and cultural  Henriksen part of the project.

On Tuesday we had a day at school, where the group from Levice had a welcome meeting with the headmaster, they had two lessons with Norwegian course and they worked together with the Norwegian students going later to Slovakia with the dictionary. On Tuesday evening there were also a meeting with the Norwegian students at school with some pizza, Norwegian costumes and activities.

On Wednesday after having some more work with language and Norwegian culture, we visited Hustad Marmor, owned by OMYA- a global producer of of industrial minerals. Hustadmarmor is the largest suplier worldwide, of pigments for the international paper industri and have a close partnership to many european paper producers. We also learned about the energi use and sustainability. We also went to Bud to see the Ergan museum which is an old German fort from the 2nd worldwide war, but also a maritime museum, showing how petroleum and gas are extracted from the seabottom.


On Thursday the group took off for Slovakia again.

We hope it has been an interesting stay for the group from Slovakia. We at or school, both teachers and students had a great time, and are tankfly for the possibilities to get to know people from oter countries and cultures.

Next meeting will be the Norwegians going to Slovakia 11th – 17th of December 2015.

Hilde Stuksrud