Slovakia: 4th meeting


Lillian Harstad (teacher, nature science, female)
Ariel Jonasoff (teacher, tourism, male)
Benedicte Åndal (student, 3.class, tourism, female)
Rikke Hjellnes (student, 3.class, tourism, female)
Emilie Rødal (student, 3.class, tourism, female)
Oscar Litwiniak (student, 1.class, mechanics, male)
Ole Mathias Risvik (student, 1.class, mechanics, male)
Rebecca Vasseng (student, 1.class, mechanics, female)


Skjermbilde 2016-04-05 kl. 10.43.27 Skjermbilde 2016-04-05 kl. 10.43.43

Saturday, 12th of December – excursion to Nitra

We were traveling to Nitra by microbus, the weather was foggy, so we did not see very much of the landscape around us.

In Nitra we were visiting an old castle. From the castle we were walking to an old church, this church was very different from the typical traditional Norwegian church, which mostly are made out of wood.

After visiting the church, we were going to the traditional Christmas marked. Here we could by traditional Christmas decorations, gifts, snacks and beverages.

Pictures from Nitra

Sunday 13th of December – excursion to Bratislava

We were traveling to Bratislava by bus together with the Slovakian students. In Bratislava, we were first visiting an old castle. After visiting the castle we were driving to the old town, here we had a guided tour we to see some old historical buildings. Down in the old city center there was an even bigger Christmas marked where we spend time tasting local pastry and beverages.

Castle, Bratislava & Traditional food

Monday 14th of December

This day we were doing many different things.

In the morning, we went to visit the office of the mayor – represented by deputy mayor, to hear him tell us more about the history and culture in Levice, and the surrounding areas.

Then we went to the school, here we had a small tour around the premises before starting our project meetings (see program).

For lunch, we had typical Slovak lunch consisting of soup and lentils.  Hot lunch is not common in Norway, so this was also a special experience for us.

After lunch we went to Slovintegra. Here we had a guided tour and got an explanation of how a steam/gas turbine is working.

In the evening, we had a cultural experience joining a Christmas concert where loads of children were singing and dancing.

All the children singing together

Tuesday 15th of December

We think that this was one of the most interesting day of them all. We took the microbus up to the mountains visiting Kremnica and Banská Štiavnica.

We visited the mint factory in Kremnica where we could see how they made money (coins) traditionally and how they make it today. At this factory they are making mints for many countries in the world, on this day they were making mints for Sri Lanka and Columbia.

After the factory we had a small walk around the town before going to Banská Štiavnica.

In Banská Štiavnica we had a guided tour around the town, including visiting the wooden Betlehem) before eating lunch (another one of those delicious Slovakian soups). After lunch we went to the new castle and the historical center where we could see items and read stories from older times.

Mint factory. Old machines, vulkans and modern machines

Wednesday 16th of December

This day we mostly spent in the school, learning Slovak words and working on the dictionary. It was a bit pity that we learnt the language the day before going back home to Norway. Although the course was lots of fun and challenging the timing of the course gave us less time to practice on the street.

After lunch (soup and some specialty, like buns with vanilla souse, in Norway this is desert) we went to Čajkov, visiting two young women and their ant making traditional folk costumes. We also visited a small museum showing local wine tradition and folk costumes.

At the museum

Thursday 17th of December

Transport back to Norway – sadly…