Slovakia: 6th meeting

Report from 6th project meeting in Elnesvågen 5th to 11th of April 2016

with 2 teachers and 6 students from Levice, Slovakia.

Participants from Slovakia:

Name and surname

Date of birth

Juraj Kandráč


Martin Kollár


Dávid Neuschl


Richard Kovácsik


Simona Hengeričová


Patrícia Šabíková



Ing. Mgr. Viera Karvašová

Ing. Alena Krtíková

The group arrived on Tuesday 5th of April, and was installed at Moldefjord Thon Hotel in Molde. The next day they were picked up at the hotel by a teacher from our school (Marit Elise Tveeikrem) and taken to the school. Our director Arne Tjelle welcomed them to the school, to Fræna and Norway before we took a tour around the school premises. The first day the group also got an intensive course of Norwegian.

After lunch we took off for Bjørnsund with the school’s own boat. There was cold wind, but sunshine, so we really had a great time.

In Bud we had typical Norwegian dinner prepared at Bryggjen in Bud, with three different types of fish.

The following days the group experienced different places in our area, like a visit to Ergan Coastal fort and coastal heritage exhibition at Bud museum. The coastal fort is from the second WW, and shows how the Germans build a fortress and lived and worked during the war. Today it is restored as a war memorial museum. There are exhibitions of local and regional events from World War II, and there is an exceptional view over the fishing village of Bud and the waters of Hustadvika from the fortress.

We also visited the Atlantic road, ate lunch at Bjartmars Kro – potatoballs with bacon and vegetables, and the stavechurch Kværnes at Averøya.

In the evening the second day some Norwegian students from Travel and tourism course prepared a dinner with assorted selection of typical Norwegian food and some cultural artefacts.

Friday 8th of April we had a «working day» at school, where the Slovakian and Norwegian students worked on and finished the dictionary and had some presentations as well. The Slovakian students were also able to visit a few workshops, and take part in welding and reparing a motor.

In the evening they were invited to a Spanish evening represented by our schools vocational branch of restaurant and food. Experience from a third culture included tapas and flamenco-dancing.

We were also able to visit the Naas marble caves during their visit, where they now are developing a place for data storage and cultural events, and we had a boat-trip inside the cave.

The last day for the group here in Norway was used to go out to pay a visit to some of the islands in the Atlantic sea, with bus and ferry. Aukra, Ona, Finnøy and Harøy. A great day where we also climbed Harøyburet, 156 meters above sea level, and there was a great view from the top.

View from the top of Harøyburet


We are all very delighted for the opportunity to take part in this project. This was the last exchange with Levice in the project, and we will miss our new friends, both teachers and students.